AS 3000 Refresher Course – Scope of Training – Industrial


4 hour Live Intensive – Onsite, Anywhere in Australia


18 Hours of Training Delivered for Every Attendee – Ask Me How!


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Fundamental Principles

New Definitions

Contact with Live Parts – Protection against dangers & damage

Additional Standards & Manufacturer’s Instructions

Alterations & Repairs

General Arrangement, Control and Protection


Switchboard Construction & Accessibility

RCDs in Industrial Installations

Control, Remote Control & Emergency Switches

Overcurrent Protection, Service Circuits

Arc Fault Current Protection, Fire Hazard Protection

Installation of Wiring Systems

Wiring Systems near Building Surfaces

Common Enclosures & Segregation


Installation of Appliances and Accessories

Isolators – HWS, Air Con & Heat Pump Appliances

Electricity Conversion Equipment Requirements

Damp Situations

Wet Area Zones

Generation Systems

Chemical Washdown Facilities


Testing & Verification of Industrial Installations

Verification Records

Earthing Arrangement and Earthing Conductors

Earthing of Outbuildings & Structural Metalwork


Q&A throughout every section and topic, to increase understanding and retention


AS 3007 Refresher Course – Scope of Training – Surface Mining


2 hour Live Intensive – Onsite, Anywhere in Australia


18 Hours of Training Delivered for Every Attendee – Ask Me How!


Introduction to AS 3007

Referenced Standards and General description


Fundamental Principles

Contact with Live Parts – Direct – Indirect

Contact with Live Parts – Extraneous conductive parts 

General Requirements

LV, ELV and HV installations

Earthing and Earthable Point

TN and IT Systems explained

Touch – Step Potential limitation


Protection against overloads and Faults

General Rule

Automatic Interruption

Earth Fault Protection on IT Systems

AS / NZS 2081


Flexible feeder – Trailing / Reeling Cable Selection

Phase conductors

Direct contact with cable conductors or parts of cable accessories such as plugs or couplers

Indirect contact of personnel with a faulted cable

Explosion of cable couplers or other uncontrolled release of energy

Mechanical damage of trailing or reeling cable


Specific Power Supplies

Relocatable Buildings and the IT system

Isolation Switches

Lightening Affects






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